Sunday, December 5, 2010

Westward bound

Well, it has been over a week since we last blogged and we have had a wonderful time travelling home across the Nullabor. After Dad and Mum leaving to fly home to Perth, and us leaving Jamestownwe headed over to Port Augusta for the night and then on to Streaky Bay. That is a GREAT place to relax and rest. We had two fantastic sites right on the beach and the kids had a super time making sandcastles, finding cockles and then having a water fight! It was a great weekend there and we really enjoyed the rest after a busy few weeks catching up with people.

The weather was cool so we took a drive to see Murphy's Haystacks - some interesting rock formations out in the paddock - these were great for climbing and sliding down (according to the kids!). And then we drove on to Point Labat to see the only mainland colony of sea lions. Well, they have a hard life - lying on the beach and then shuffling to the water for a swim and then shuffling back up to the beach for a lie in the sun - talk about doing it tough!

Our time in Streaky Bay was a perfect end to our restful holiday and a good way to get ready for the long trip across the Nullabor. On Monday we set out and made it to the border that night, stopping at Bunda Cliffs for a look at the Bight and cliffs on the way. It is always awe inspiring to be on the edge of the country and see the majestic rugged remoteness of this land we live in.

Crossing the border was exciting, our first time on WA soil in 300 days and there was a big cheer all around!! We had a night at Eucla and had fun climbing the old Telegraph Station ruins in the morning, amongst the sand dunes. The kids hadn't quite adjusted to WA time so were awake at 4.30am and ready to go be 6am - that was a long day, but made very bearable by the wonderful company we shared together on the way.

The endless kms stretched ahead but the kids read, played lego, talked and watched dvd's with their cousins, what a wonderful trip it was. We got to Balladonia the next night and free camped just passed there. It was an awesome spot out in the bush, away from the road, in the red dirt and under a velvety black sky speckled with stars that looked like diamonds across the expanse, with one or two falling and leaving a trail of light in their wake - STUNNING!!

After that night it was on to Kalgoorlie for a few days which included going to the Super Pit and watching a blast - what a massive hole that is!! We went up to the look out reservoir and learnt more about the C Y O'Connor Pipeline and most importantly we celebrated Josie's 11th Birthday by hitting the local water slides and enjoying them all to ourselves for a few hours, before being treated to the best and longest lighting/thunder show we have seen in a long time . The storm went for about 4 hours and was frightening for some and thrilling for others! Happy Birthday Josie.

On Saturday we were up early and ready to go by 6.30am, it was the day to head home to Perth. We were VERY sad to say goodbye to the de Vries as they headed off to Muckinbudin and we were off to Perth, but our weeks together have been memorable, leaving us with the wish to "do it all again sometime soon!"

We drove home with minimal stops and arrived to a wonderful reception about 3.30pm on Saturday. It was so GREAT to see our family again, those who had driven out to meet us and those who gathered with balloons, poppers and streamers to welcome us, what a blessing it is to have such a wonderful family to come home to.

And that was yesterday! We all enjoyed sleeping in our own beds last night and going along to church today to see friends and family who had followed our journey via blog. What a great day.

We must say, having lived so minimally for this year, it was a shock to see all our boxes full of STUFF we really don't need and haven't really missed. It made us realize we make life about so many things that are not important and we hold onto much that is really not going to make a eternal difference for us. How good to remember it is people that turn God's heart and it is for His Kingdom that we live. Here's to the next adventure that we will have for Him and His glory as we look to 2011! We hope you will continue in your adventures as well - with enthusiasm, zest and fulfillment.

Praise the Lord for 37,000km driven safely, wonderful sights seen and incredible memories to hold on to. God is so good.


  1. Well done Birchy and Katherine
    Something to be truly proud of. I didn't realise you were getting back to Perth this soon, I thought it was going to be later.
    Katherine, does this mean the end of blogging?
    That would be a shame.

    To you Birch kids, well done for being so good for so long, I hope you loved your big adventure.

    Take care

    Much love
    Marcus Carolyn and family

  2. Hi Josie!!
    Missing you heaps, But glad youre back.
    Hope to catch up soon,

    Love Monnie

  3. Hi Birchy
    Can't find your email address, please let me know what it is so I can send you something important.